• "Credenza"

    Integrated four-way full range acoustic system with an amplified subwoofer. The system is mounted in an elegant piece of furniture. Signal sources and main amplification, as well as size and finish are chosen by the customer. More
  • Headphones Audez'e

    Isodynamic headphones Hi-End class Audez'e: a unique technology gives great sound quality and the unforgettable experience of listening to your favorite tunes. The high level of ergonomics excludes tiredness and gives a pleasant comfort. More
  • Okki Nokki

    A Revolutionary record cleaning machine „Okki Nokki” is a small station, created in Germany in the best traditions of quality and style, with built-in safety features, that prevent the fluid from being sucked into the vacuum motor and the turntable motor from overheating. More
  • "Pure i-20" dock station

    "Pure i-20" is a next generation digital iPod dock that produces hi-fi quality audio from high bitrate tracks on your iPod or iPhone by extracting the raw digital audio and processing it on the dock itself. Using PURE Clearsound digital end-to-end technology for its digital output and a superior 24-bit 192 KHz digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) for its analogue output i-20 ensures you get the best from your digital music collection. More
  • Headphone Amplifier / DAC "Red Wine Audio”

    Headphone Amplifier / DAC «Red Wine Audio» - compact stylishly small design combining high resolution(up to 24/192k) digital-to-analog converter and high-end battery powered tube headphone amplifier. More